How to Manage Announcements in vBulletin

Review on how to manage the announcements for users on your vBulletin website

This tutorial will review the process of making announcements on your vBulletin website. This is a good feature that will allow you to inform your users about any news that you may have for them about your forum.


To manage announcements in vBulletin, you need to:

Step 1 Create Announcements

In order to manage the announcements on your website, you need to access the Admin area of your website. To create a new announcement, simply navigate to the Announcements option on the left-side menu and then Post New Announcement.


Post a new announcement in vBulletin


Edit the following options:


  • Channel - Select the channel for the new announcement. You can post it on all of your website's pages or a specific channel only
  • Title - Set the title of the new announcement
  • Start Date - Enter the start date of the announcement
  • End Date - Enter the end date of the announcement
  • Text - Enter the actual message of the announcement


When you are ready with the setup of the new announcement, simply click on the Save button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.


Edit announcement details in vBulletin


Step 2 Remove Announcements

To remove an existing announcement on your website, you need to navigate to the Announcements option on the left-side menu and then Announcement Manager.


Access announcement manager in vBulletin


You will be presented with a list of the channels on your website and the announcements being configured at the moment. To remove an announcement, simply click on the Delete button next to it.


Remove existing announcement in vBulletin


You now know how to manage the announcement feature in vBulletin. Congratulations!