Manage Product Attributes in osCommerce

Updated on Dec 10, 2015

This tutorial will review the process of managing the product attributes on your website. By creating attributes, you will be able to provide a more detailed description for the products that you are selling on your website.

To manage the product attributes on your osCommerce website, you will have to log in as administrator first. Click on the Catalog button at the left-side menu and then Product Attributes.

Access Product Attributes Manager in osCommerce

To Manage the Product Attributes in osCommerce, you must know how to:


Create Product Options

The first option that you have is for creating product options. There are 5 pre-defined options, such as Color, Model, Size, etc. To create a new one, enter it’s name at the bottom of the Product Options box and click on the Insert button.

Create Product Options in osCommerce

You can also click on the Edit or Delete buttons next to the existing options to manage them per your needs.


Create Product Value

First locate the Option Values on the right-side of the screen. To create a new value, choose the option from the drop down box and enter it’s name. Click on the Insert button to add it.

Create Product Values in osCommerce

To manage the option values, you can simply click on the Edit or Delete button next to each one of them.


Create Product Attributes

You also have the ability to assign options and values for products on your website directly from the same page. Simply locate the Product Attributes section. You need to edit the following options to create a new product attribute:

  • Product Name - Select the product from the drop-down box;
  • Option Name - Choose the option that you wish to add to the product;
  • Option Value - Choose the option value to be added;
  • Value Price - Enter the price for the specific attribute you are adding.

Create Product Attributes in osCommerce

To manage existing product attributes on your website, simply click on the Edit or Delete button next to each one.

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