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Ghost Tutorial

Ghost is a relatively new blogging platform developed with only one central idea in mind -- to provide a beautifully designed, easy-to-use and completely customizable platform for publishing. Ghost provides you with a minimalistic and intuitive interface to start your own blog and publish your content. It has been developed almost entirely by volunteers and the project is run by a small Non-Profit organization called the Ghost Foundation. Still, its development is public and a large number of developers from all over the world have already contributed to the project.

Ghost has been launched as a completely free platform after its original crowdfunding campaign without any legal restrictions. This means that as soon as you download your copy it is your own and you are free to use it, modify it, share or distribute.

Despite the fact that Ghost has not yet fully matured as a project and it is under constant development it provides a great way to publish your content and it is completely mobile-friendly.

FastComet is one of the first hosting provider to offer a Ghost Shared Hosting package with cPanel. We strongly believe in the great Ghost future and despite the common mindset that Ghost must be hosted on VPS or Dedicated server we created the all-in-one Ghost Package to meet both your Ghost and other hosting needs in one service.

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