Announcing FastCloud Hosting Experience Platform with New Plans and Pricing

Updated on Feb 2, 2024

This is an outdated article, so please disregard the information provided in here. Our newest hosting plans and information about them can be found on our pricing page. We also have a blog post about the most recent hosting plan which you can read here.

Last month, we announced exciting changes to FastComet’s hosting plans and our new branding. As a continuation of our new philosophy toward FastCloud technology and how it delivers the unrivaled customer experience, price adjustment was needed in order to reflect the increased value of the products.

We feel the value of our service is in our ability to help you and your customers have a more performant site, a secure and reliable environment, tools that make it faster to create rich experiences, insights into how to improve your site, integrations that make it easier to extend your site, and all backed by the world's independently acknowledged leading support organization.

We will cover:

What Do the New Plans Mean for You?

We have updated our regular rates to reflect all our efforts and investments we’ve made to provide high-quality hosting to our customers. We have not changed our prices in the last 5 years while we continuously worked on improving the service by adding the latest technologies to our servers like HTTP 2 support, latest PHP versions, added 10 datacenter locations that allow you position your website close to your website visitors, integrated free Wildcard SSL certificates and many more. Charging the regular price allows us to continue to deliver high-quality hosting and develop new features to add value to our customers.

Renewal prices are the actual prices of our products, that we charge, in order to be able to offer you the scope of service you and all our clients receive

Why the New Plans?

The change wasn't whimsical but was made after months of service evaluation. Throughout the years our platform continued to grow, but our pricing never changed. The new pricing reflects the value of our platform today and is the first-ever price increase for our customers.

How to renew earlier on the same price

FastComet allows you to either make unscheduled advanced payments on your account, or you may have your billing cycle extended so that your regular automatic billing payments use your preferred billing cycle.

In case you would like to preserve your current renewal price (on any of our legacy StartSmart, ScaleRight or SpeedUp plans) and renew your hosting account in advance, this option will be available from 1 August 2019, until 15 September 2019. During this period, you will be able to renew your hosting service for an extra year on your current plan pricing rate by contacting our sales team via the Live Chat or post a ticket to our Billing Department.

Making an Advanced Payment

Keep note that you may only make an advanced payment on a hosting package that has its payments up to date. If there are any invoices due for your hosting package then you will need to pay the existing invoice before continuing.

Advanced payments may be made by submitting a ticket to our billing department, or by contacting us via the Live Chat.

Changing your Billing Cycle

To change the frequency of payments by changing your billing cycle, please contact our Billing Department or our Customer Care team via our LiveChat.

To Which Plan Will My Hosting Account be Converted?

All our current customers will be converted to the new plans, which are FastCloud, FastCloud Plus, and FastCloud Extra. We are focusing on easy scalability, making sure our clients can choose the best plan to fit their hosting needs. All clients will be able to choose one of the new plans prior to September 15, 2019

Plans will be converting as follows:

  • StartSmart → FastCloud
  • ScaleRight → FastCloud Plus
  • SpeedUp Rocket Booster → FastCloud Extra

As per the announcement of our new hosting plan structure on April 10, 2017, all Singe Website, Multi Website, and E-Commerce hosting services have been moved to a legacy status. On 14 May 2018, existing grandfathered plans were converted to a plan that is the closest equivalent of the existing plan, at the new plan quotas.

  • Former Single Website → StartSmart → FastCloud
  • Former Multi Website → ScaleRight → FastCloud Plus
  • Former E-Commerce → ScaleRight → FastCloud Plus

For those of you that are still on our legacy plans, see details below regarding account changes, upgrades, etc.

  • Bigger Database size – from 300 MB per database to 500 MB;
  • Up to 3GB of RAM compared to the previous value of 2 GB;
  • More emails received per minute – from 20 to 30;
  • More entry processes – from 20 to 30;
  • A larger number of processes – from 50 to 60.

The following average Inode resource quota per month:

  • Former Single Website → StartSmart - Inodes: 250 000;
  • Former Multi Website →  ScaleRight - Inodes: 350 000;
  • Former E-Commerce →  ScaleRight - Inodes: 350 000.

Predefined space quotas

  • Former Single Website →  StartSmart - 35 GB   15 GB;
  • Former Multi Website →  ScaleRight - 55 GB   25 GB;
  • Former E-Commerce→  ScaleRight - Unlimited Space   25 GB.

What are the Resource Quotas for My New Plan?

All existing customer plans will be converted to a new plan that is the exact equivalent of the existing plan (in terms of resources), but with the new prices (StartSmart FastCloud, ScaleRight FastCloud Plus, and SpeedUp Rocket Booster FastCloud Extra).

Existing clients will keep the features that are included in their existing plan (eg. free domain name) for the signup period.

How to Stop the Recurring of my Hosting Plan?

When Using a Credit Card

  • In order to stop the renewal of your hosting plan, you need to go to your client area ( and navigate to Products My Products:

Go to Products my Products

  • Then, on your chosen plan, you click on View details Request Cancellation:

FastComet Request Cancellation

  • After you did that, you choose End of Billing Period in the Cancellation Type drop-down menu:

Cancel at The End of Billing Period

  • If you choose, you can submit your reason.

Unsubscribing via PayPal

We cannot cancel any PayPal subscriptions on your behalf. To do that, you will have to follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your PayPal account at;
  • Click the Settings icon next to Log out;
  • Select Preapproved Payments under Payment Settings;
  • Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel;
  • Click the Cancel Subscription button;
  • Confirm your request in order to finalize the cancellation.

I Like my Current Plan, Do I Have to Upgrade?

Yes, you will have your current plan upgraded. Clients using our current shared hosting plans (StartSmart, ScaleRight, SpeedUP Rocket Booster) will be gradually upgraded to the new plans starting in September 2019

All hosting plans which are due after 1 September 2019, will be renewed on the regular prices when due, based on their hosting plan. This process doesn't involve any downtime or data migration and will not require any reconfiguration from our clients. Having your shared hosting plan upgraded to the new ones, you will be able to take advantage of all upcoming features at the moment they are available.

In order for this transition to be convenient for our clients, all Biennially and Triennially accounts are to be converted to the Annual billing cycle without due date changes, while keeping all the features and free services. 

We are aware that some of our clients may wish to continue using their current hosting plan, so we are providing a 45-day grace period during which they can renew their hosting service for an extra year on their current plan pricing rate by contacting our sales team via Live Chat or post a ticket to our Billing Department

Of course, everyone can disable their auto-renewal, change their billing cycle or plan at any time by contacting our sales team or by posting a ticket to our billing department. 

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