Adding products in WP eCommerce

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

As having an online store is all about the products, in this tutorial we will show you how to add new products to your online catalog.


Step 1 Add New Product

First of all you will need to login to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to Products>Add New from the main admin panel.


Accessing the Products Menu in WP eCommerce


This is the product management page. From here you can add new and check on your already added products.


Adding a new Product in WP eCommerce


Now you can select a Title for your product, the exact link to it and write a description for that product.


Configuring a Title and Description for the new Product


Select the Variations tab to continue to the next step of the tutorial.


Step 2 Add Variants

You can select a variation or add a new one. To add a new one you will need to click Add New Variants.


Adding a Variant for a new Product in WP eCommerce


For example we have added Color/Red as a new variant for this product, now when we click Generate Variations a new variation of this product will be created.


Generating Variations for your Product


You can see the variations for this product and configure options like SKU, Price and Stock amounts.


Configuring the Price SKU and Stock amount for the Product in WP eCommerce


When you are ready with editing the variation, hit the Save Variations button.


Step 3 Configure Shipping Settings

The next editable settings are the shipping/downloading ones. Here you can select whether or not you are selling a physical or a digital product. If it’s a physical product you can select the weight, dimensions and add custom shipping rates (the rate setup in the settings many of your store will overwrite these)


Configuring the Shipping Options for the Product


If you want to sell a digital product, you will first have to upload it on your store by clicking on the Upload new file… button.


Uploading the File representing a Digital Product


Now you will be able to select the file from your local computer.


Step 4 Add an Image

You should consider adding an image for your product and its thumbnail. Click on the Manage Product Image Gallery… button.


Managing the Product Image Gallery


Now you can upload a new image or select an image from the ones you have already uploaded.


Selecting an active Image for the Product


Select the image you want and click on Set Product Images.


Step 5 Add Category, Tags and SKU

Before publishing the product you will have to apply tags to it and a category.


Adding Tags and a Category for the Product in WP eCommerce


Also we have to set the price and SKU and if the product is limited, specify the quantity.


Setting up a Price and SKU for a Product


Now we are ready and we can click the Publish button.


Publishing a Product in your Store


You have successfully added a new product to your WP eCommerce store. Now repeat this for the rest of your products and once you are ready your site can go online.

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