How to upload files in SilverStripe

Review on how to upload files on your SilverStripe website

In this tutorial, we will provide the steps for uploading of new files to your existing SilverStripe website. To achieve that, you need to access the administrative area of your website first. Click on the Files option on the left-side menu to proceed.


Access file menu in SilverStripe


Select the folder, where you wish to upload the new files. This is usually the Uploads folder, but you can always create new folders to group files together.


Use file manager in SilverStripe


Click on the Upload button at the top.


Upload files in SilverStripe


Choose the files that you wish to upload from your personal computer or directly drag and drop them into the specified area.


Drag and drop feature in SilverStripe


Once you select or drop a file, the system will automatically start uploading it to the server. You will be able to see a progress bar of the upload and a message once this is completed.