Assign roles to specific groups in SilverStripe

Review on how to assign different roles to groups on your SilverStripe website

We will review the steps for adding a specific rules to a group on a SilverStripe website. This is an easy process that can be completed with a few clicks and you will get a better understand on how it actually works.



FastComet also provides tutorials on how to Create Groups or Create Roles in SilverStripe.


The user management of a website is an important task. You may have hundreds or even thousands of users and you may need to apply different set of permissions for them. However, you can group users on your website together and apply the same set of permissions for all of them. This will allow you to easier manage those users and you will not have to apply the changes for each one of them separately. The task will save you a lot of time and make the management of users on your website much easier.


To assign a certain role to a group on your website, you need to log into the administrative area of your website and then naviage to the Security option on the left-side menu.


Access security menu in SilverStripe


Click on the Groups button on the top-right corner of the screen.


Access group manager in SilverStripe


Select the group that you wish to assign a role to.


Edit existing group in SilverStripe


Select the Roles option from the top-right corner of the screen and search for the role that you wish to apply.


Assign roles to groups in SilverStripe


Click on the Save button below to keep the changes. The system will automatically update the configuration of your website.