How to upgrade SilverStripe website

Review on how to upgrade your SilverStripe installation to the latest stable release

It is always a good idea to keep your SilverStripe website upgraded to the latest stable version. This is because there are improvements of the performance and functionality of the apploication with each new release for it. In this tutorial, we will review the steps for such an upgrade so you can complete it easily.


Create a Backup

It is recommended to create SilverStripe backup, before making major changes on your website. This allows you to restore it to a fully operational state if something goes wrong.


Step 1 Download SilverStripe

The first thing that you need to consider is downloading the latest stable release of SilverStripe. You can do so from the official SilverStripe website. The latest release is usually at the top of the page.


Download SilverStripe latest release


Step 2 Prepare Files

The second step is to extract the files on your local computer. When you download the archive of the new SilverStripe release, you need to extract the contents on your local computer. We suggest that you extract the files into an empty folder, just to make sure that no files are left unseen during the upload.


Locate the installation of your SilverStripe website on the server and remove the cms/framework/sapphire/ and any additional module folders that you may have configured. 


The next step is to upload the new files to the server. If your website is located within the public_html/ directory of your account, this is the correct place, where you need to upload the new SilverStripe content.


Step 3 Initiate upgrade

You need to update the database of your SilverStripe installation. You can do that accessing where you need to change with your actual domain name. Enter your database details again and click on the Install button to complete the process.


Upgrade SilverStripe to latest release



Your SilverStripe website is now successfully upgraded to the latest stable release. Enjoy!