How to create a new group in SilverStripe

Updated on Dec 10, 2015

In this tutorial, we will provide the steps for creating a new group for users on your SilverStripe website. This will allow you to group a n

Using this method will allow you to easily assign specific roles to each of the users separately. To create a new group, you need to access the administrative area of your website. Click on the Security option from the left-side menu.

Access security menu in SilverStripe

Select the Groups button at the top-right corner.

Access groups manager in SilverStripe

Click on the Add Group button to create one.

Add a new group in SilverStripe

Enter the details for the new group on your website:

  • Group name - Enter a name of the new group.
  • Parent Group - Select a parent group. If you leave the field blank, the new group will be created as a parent group on it's own.
  • Description - Enter a description for the new group.

Edit group details in SilverStripe

When you enter the required details above, simply click on the Create button below and the script will automatically configure it for you.

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