How to edit SilverStripe configuration file

Review on how to locate and then edit the configuration file of your SilverStripe website

We will review the main configuration file of SilverStripe and how to locate and edit it on your end. Even if you do not have extensive development knowledge, the configuration file of a script is something that you need to be aware of. This is because it keeps valuable information for the configuration of your website. This information can be used for a lot of different tasks and allow you to check details for your website without even accessing it via your web browser.


In SilverStripe, you have one main configuration file that holds the details for the database set on your website and the site locale. If your SilverStripe website is installed directly within the public_html/ directory of your account, the location to the file in question would be public_html/mysite/_config.php. The file is the best place to check your database details and use them for any manual data modifications. It may also come handy when creating or restoring a backup of your website on the server.


global $databaseConfig;
$databaseConfig = array(
        "type" => 'MySQLDatabase',
        "server" => 'localhost',
        "username" => 'example_ss',
        "password" => 'p4ssw0rd',
        "database" => 'example_s',
        "path" => '',