How to edit the basic information in SilverStripe

Overview of the steps for changing the name and the slogan on your SilverStripe website

We will provide the steps on how to change the name and the slogan on your SilverStripe website. This will ensure a more professional look in front of your users.


To change them, you first need to log into the administrative area of your website. Locate and click on the Settings option from the menu on the left side.


Access settings menu in SilverStripe


Edit the following options:


  • Site title: Enter the title of your SilverStripe website.
  • Site Tagline/Slogan: Enter a short slogan for your website.


Edit basic settings in SilverStripe


Click on the Save button below the form and the system will automatically update the front end of your website. The changes will be displayed to all users and attract more attention to your brand.


Preview basic settings change in SilverStripe