Grav Tutorial

Grav (from Gravity) is a community driven, easy to use open source Content Management System (CMS) project that originated from RocketTheme. Released under the MIT license, Grav has been created with productivity in mind and consists of a flexible structure and powerful Twig templating capabilities which will allow you to create all kinds of websites.

Introduction to Grav

A fast comet can escape most gravitational fields, but this application managed to attract us and we hope it will be of great service to you - our customers.

System Requirements:

  • Webserver (Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed, Lightly, IIS, etc.)
  • PHP 5.5.9 or higher

Enabling a PHP user cache such as APC, APCU, XCache, Memcache or Redis is highly recommended for optimal performance.


Grav Hosting is fully compatible with Grav and our plans meet all additional recommendations as well. Furthermore, our servers are running on SSD disks for best Grav experience.

Useful resources for Grav users:
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