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  • Web Hosting
  • Single Website

  • 15GB SSD Space

  • All Important

  • 45 Days Money Back

  • Advanced Features
  • Performance Boost

  • WordPress Ultra-fast Cache

  • LiteSpeed with WP Optimization

  • Essential Features
  • WordPress Toolkit

  • Getting Started Kit

  • Development Tools

  • Web Hosting
  • Unlimited Websites

  • 25GB SSD Space

  • All Important

  • 45 Days Money Back

  • Advanced Features
  • 2x Performance Boost

  • WordPress Ultra-fast Cache

  • LiteSpeed with WP Optimization

  • Essential Features
  • WordPress Toolkit

  • Getting Started Kit

  • Development Tools

  • Web Hosting
  • Unlimited Websites

  • 35GB SSD Space

  • All Important

  • 45 Days Money Back

  • Advanced Features
  • 3x Performance Boost

  • WordPress Ultra-fast Cache

  • LiteSpeed with WP Optimization

  • Essential Features
  • WordPress Toolkit

  • Getting Started Kit

  • Development Tools


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WordPress Toolkit

The Evolution of WordPress Management

Mass WordPress Management

Install, update, and manage plugins and themes per single website or in bulk across some or all of your websites via a single dashboard.

Automatic Smart Updates

Automatically test updates of WordPress Core or any of the themes/plugins in a safe environment at no risk to your live website.

WordPress Integrity Check

Check the integrity of the WordPress Core files with a single click and automatically remove any infections found.

Website Scan and Hardening

Scan and harden your websites against security risks based on recommendations from the WordPress community and Patchstack reports.

Easy Staging and Cloning

Clone any existing site to a safe staging area on its own database. Experiment, then sync back to your live website when you're ready.

Login and Password Management

Passwordless login to the admin dashboard of your website, or change the credentials with a single click in case you do not remember them.

Great for devs, easy for clients

So much more than just a WordPress Hosting

Build and manage your web projects fast and efficiently with your favorite tools while keeping it easy and secure for your clients.

We Speak Your Language

Node.js, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Perl - Whatever your preferred language, framework, or version is - we have it, just one click away!

Git™ Version Control

Host Git repositories on your cPanel hosting account, maintaining any website's files and assets, a software project, or simple text files.

No Vendor Lock-in

We play well with multi-cloud setups, your project will work just out of the box - build, test, and ship without worrying about your host.


What Makes FastComet Awesome

FastComet Uptime Guarantee

Yes, you can speed up your website

LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server - for WordPress LiteSpeed delivers the goods faster than any other HTTP/2 server - 12x faster than NGINX and 84x faster than Apache.

Powered by AMD EPYC™ - if it is good enough for Facebook and the metaverse data centers. it is good enough for your website.

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) Solid State Drives (SSDs) - the best storage available - 7x faster queries and file access to prevent slow loading websites.

WordPress LiteSpeed Cache (LSCWP) - an all-in-one site acceleration plugin, featuring an exclusive server-level cache and a collection of optimization features.

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FastComet Uptime Guarantee

Website Security with Imunify360

Web Application Firewall - protect WordPress and other open-source applications from know exploits, vulnerabilities, and potential security risks.

IP Reputation Guard - always-on IP reputation firewall filtering malicious traffic, bots, and personal data crawlers.

Malware and Exploits Protection - daily and on-demand complete account malware scans and automatic application updates.

Account Isolation - have your account isolated from other clients in a CloudLinux dedicated virtual environment.

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FastComet Uptime Guarantee

We work until we deliver

WordPress and Open-Source application support - if you build sites on open-source platforms, you can count on us.

Fully-managed services - our technical support team provides one of the most extensive range of technical services, free of charge with every plan.

Easy to reach technical support - straightforward support system with direct access to our 24/7, always-free technical support team via live chat or ticketing system.

15 min. response time - based on 10 000 support requests, we resolved 83% of the issues in less than 15 minutes.

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FastComet Uptime Guarantee

99.9% Uptime Commitment

Website Monitoring - Website checks every 60 seconds from 7 locations on 4 continents by an independent company specializing in uptime monitoring.

Service Monitoring - We monitor all hosting services such as Mail, FTP, MySQL, and more. If any issue arises, an automated attempt to recover the service is made in just a few seconds.

Downtime Compensations - In case of any downtime, we apply 10% of your monthly fee as credit for every hour of website downtime, up to 100% of your monthly payment.

Account No-Suspension Policy - An automated monitoring system evaluates the performance of all hosting accounts and we will proactively contact you in case of any resource usage spikes.

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FastComet Uptime Guarantee

Zero-cost extra services

Free Website and Server Migrations - a streamlined process for easy and free migrations from any host.

Off-site Backups - up to 30 daily offsite backups on every shared hosting plan with a web-based interface for unlimited full or incremental restores.

Free SSL Certificate - unlimited standard or wildcard Let's Encrypt certificates with full ACMEv2 support with one-click installation.

Free CDN Integration Service - distribute your content to 200 access points around the globe and speed up delivery with CDN powered by Cloudflare.

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Website Transfer

Immediate Activation & Express Transfer

Start a new website

  • One-click App Marketplace

    Over 450 Apps ready to be installed in seconds

  • The best DIY solution

    20+ Frameworks and your favorite dev tools

  • Step by Step Tutorials

    3000+ pages of tutorials to get you started

  • Unlimited 24/7 Priority Support

    Always-free in-house technical support

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Express Transfer

  • People-powered site transfer

    No messy automation - get it done by experts

  • No downtime, Fast & Painless

    Express Transfer service included in all plans

  • Free Domain Transfer

    Free one-year domain renewal after transfer

  • Free months of hosting

    Up to six months unused time compensation

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Datacenters & Network

Think Global, Host Local

Dallas (TX, USA)

As an enterprise-class datacenter, the Dallas facility is home to 10,000+ servers, with N-2 Power Redundancy and modular implementation.

Best For:

Optimized connectivity for Central and South America, although suitable for visitors from all over the United States.

Newark (NJ, USA)

Just outside of New York City, our third US datacenter is strategically located in Newark, NJ with convenient proximity to Wall Street.

Best For:

The Newark datacenter provides excellent low-latency and connectivity to/from Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic regions.

Toronto (ON, Canada)

As the most populous city in Canada and the fastest growing city in North America.

Best For:

Toronto is the ideal location for your website if you are targeting local markets in Canada and the Northern United States.

Fremont (CA, USA)

Fremont is a crucial location for our fleet of servers and data center coverage across the globe. The site increases top-speed/lowest latency coverage in North America.

Best For:

West Coast based companies, moreover, businesses located in the west parts of North America - from Vancouver to Tijuana.

London (UK, EU)

London is one of the top capitals of the world, with a population of more than 8 million people.

Best For:

The best hosting location for sites targeting UK visitors with excellent connectivity to Western and Central Europe

Frankfurt (DE, EU)

One of the world’s most important financial centers, Frankfurt is a major hub of connectivity and home to the European Central Bank.

Best For:

Located in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt is the ideal hosting location for websites with visitors from all around Europe and countries in the Middle East.

Singapore (SG, Asia-Pacific)

Although geographically small, Singapore is one of the fastest growing areas in the world and a key international business hub.

Best For:

Singapore is an ideal hosting location for sites targeting visitors from South Pacific, India, Australia, New Zealand, and China.

Tokyo (JP)

Tokyo is home to the largest metropolitan economy in the world, making it one of the world’s most prominent business centers.

Best For:

The Tokyo facility provides excellent connectivity to/from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and China

Mumbai (MH)

As the most populous city in India and its financial and commercial capital, Mumbai is one of the driving forces of progress in the country.

Best For:

Mumbai is the ideal locale for hosting websites in India and rest of South Asia. Due to its key location, connectivity to hubs in East Asia, Europe and even the United States is also very good.

Sydney (NSW)

Sydney is the most populous city in Australia and Oceania, making it a major business hub in the region with a particular focus on the financial and telecommunications industries.

Best For:

Sydney is the ideal location for your website if you are targeting both local markets in Australia or South-East Asia/South West Pacific.

Hosting Plans

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WooCommerce Hosting

Start Selling with WooCommerce

Give your WooCommerce online business the speed and support it needs with our optimized WooCommerce Hosting.

Virtual Private Cloud Server

WordPress Cloud Server

Fully managed WordPress VPS Cloud hosting solution with priority 24/7/365 Technical Support to make your site blazingly fast.

Dedicated CPU Server

Dedicated WordPress Server

Raw power and completely customizable environment with dedicated CPU for resource-demanding for WordPress projects.

FastComet Reviews

Real people, Real Success Stories

Review by Andrea Belfi for FastComet
Andrea Belfi

The technical service was simply great and fast. I thought it was crazy when the customer service answered on the chat me instantly!
Review by Jonas Pranio for FastComet
Jonas Pranio

I took advantage of your support and I must say, it is the perfect one. Honestly, you are particularly good for small and big websites!
Review by Emily Schneller for FastComet
Emily Schneller
FastComet never made me feel silly for asking questions and provided great resources to help me understand how to attract more people to my site.
Review by Jaroslav Vracovsky for FastComet
Jaroslav Vracovsky

We are grateful for the many volunteers and donors helping us in our mission. FastComet is one of them.
Review by Caitlin Ball for FastComet
Caitlin Ball

I have been SOO happy with FastComet. I am totally tech-unsavvy and the customer service that FastComet provides far exceeds my past service provider.
Review by Konstantina Chilingirova for FastComet
Konstantina Chilingirova

Great service, friendly people, very clever and always helpful. Thank you, FastComet.


Find the Answers to Common Inquiries

Put simply, WordPress is a software that you can use to create your own site, blog, even application. After its first release back in 2003, WordPress has been improving to mature into an extensively flexible Content Management System (CMS). Today, WordPress powers more than 30% of the web. That’s including some of the most popular sites you know. WordPress is the platform that offers you the capability to build and manage your personal website and make it as complete as possible without the need for code writing knowledge. Frankly, if you have used a text editor such as MS Word, you will probably have zero problems with the WordPress Editor.

In our days, there are some discussions about a new platform type - Digital Experience Platform (DXP), and the fact is, WordPress is the closest one to that description. Basically, a DXP is an integrated set of technologies, based on a common platform that can reach multiple highly-specific users on a more personalized basis. While the majority of marketing campaigns are tailored to their specific platforms, a DXP would give you the opportunity to carry out such campaigns, regardless of your device.

To answer your question quickly - Yes, WordPress is free! It’s open-source software which grants you the freedom to use, modify, build upon, and redistribute the software in any way you would like to without paying any additional fees.

However, in order to publish WordPress on the web, you will need a WordPress friendly web hosting.

You most certainly don’t! The majority of WordPress users are not tech-savvy, exactly because there is no need for CSS or PHP knowledge when you are operating the CMS. There are more than enough feature-rich plugins and themes that will help you in making your website appealing with ease.
Installing WordPress comes included in the package and there will be no extra fees applied. This can be easily done with just a few clicks with the use of Softaculous from your cPanel. You can always depend on our support team to install any CMS for you upon request, which would be free of charge.
You can have as many WordPress installations as you need on your FastComet account.
If you are not sure about which WordPress version your site is currently on - no worries! All you have to do to check your current WordPress version is going to your WordPress dashboard after logging into your site. The current version number can be seen at the bottom-right corner of the dashboard.

Since updates will be seen in your WordPress dashboard, they are quite easy to be done. Performing them is a matter of a click and take 5 or 10 minutes tops. Just click on the refresh/update icon or go to Dashboard → Updates and then click on “Install now”. You will see the confirmation screen that welcomes you to the latest version of WordPress after the installation is complete. It should only take seconds, but keep in mind that while the update is loading, your site will be in maintenance mode.

Prior to pulling the trigger and upgrading your live websites, in order to proceed with a safe upgrade generate a backup manually.

It’s always the best idea to make significant changes and perform tests to your site in a staging or development environment rather than on your live site. Otherwise, you risk potentially breaking your front and back-end. Be sure to check your error log for any errors.

Because WordPress is open-source software, there are regular updates to it, with the addition of continuous security patches (several times each year). It’s a good idea to always be using the last available release of WordPress, since it would be the most secure version of it, in addition to having more features. In case you want to test something on your site, but without the risk of breaking it, you can quickly set up a staging site and freely edit there. The staging site is basically a copy of your live website in its current condition.
Yes! We would gladly become the new home of your WordPress website. The transfer process is extremely easy and straightforward. Save time and effort by letting our Technical support staff move your existing cPanel hosting account to a new account at FastComet. The best thing about our free transfer service is that it requires zero downtime to your sites. On top, once you purchase one of our hosting packages, you get a free domain transfer plus 1 year of free domain name renewal. Note that if you are not using cPanel with your current host, we would transfer up to three sites and/or databases for free (depending on the hosting plan you select).

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