How to block an IP address in Concrete5

Overview of how to block specific IP address from accessing your Concrete5 website

Sometimes, there are users that you do not want accessing your website. If you are aware of the IP address used by those users, you can block access to your website for them. This will make your website not avaialble for those specific IPs.


To block an IP address in Concrete5, you need to access your website as administrator. Click on the Dashboard button on the top menu and then select the System & Settings option.


Access system settings in Concrete5


Locate the Permissions & Access section and click on the IP Blacklist option.


Access IP blacklist manager in Concrete5


Enter the IP address that you wish to ban within the Permanent IP Ban field. Make sure that you enter each new IP address on a separate line..


Ban IP address in Concrete5


Click on the Save button and the system will automatically apply the change for you.