Step by Step Concrete5 Tutorial

Concrete5 is a free, open-source application. It is designed as a CMS (Content Management System) platform and allows you to build just about any type of a website that you may need. You can use Concrete5 for a social network, a blog or even a forum of people sharing similar interests.


Concrete5 is a well-established application, being active for a few years now. It has a strong community of people, dedicated to helping others using the script. Whenever you need assistance, you will always be able to find such in the community section of Concrete5.


To assist with that, we have also designed a set of tutorials that follow a number of the Concrete5 features. Following our tutorials, you will be able to build up your website from scratch and without any development knowledge as well.


Start a Concrete5 website in just 3 minutes:

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