How to activate Development Mode

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

As you have probably read the main goal of the Cloudflare service is to cache your website static contents and to distribute those across few key locations around the world so your users can load those from the nearest location available to their own. However what happens if you would like to implement some change on those static contents. Are they automatically renewed in the cached versions of those files?

The answer is no or at least not immediately. For this reason Cloudflare provides you with the Development option for your domains and in the next few lines of this tutorial we will provide you with more information on that option.

The Cloudflare Development mode is a service which allows for the internal Cloudflare CDN service to be disable so your static contents can be directly loaded from the web hosting server where your website is hosted at.

In simple words when you are implementing some changes on the design of your website you are usually updating the html, css and js files of the same. Since those are the so called static contents you need those to remain not cached for the period you are implementing the design changes. In order to this to happen you will need some way to disable the CDN Feature of Cloudflare. You can do that from the DNS zone for the concrete domain, however the recommended way of doing this is to simply disable the Development Mode for your entire website.

In order to do that you will need to login into your Cloudflare Client Area so you can be able to view all of the configured domains and click on the one you wish to enable Development Mode.

Accessing the development mode feature in CloudFlare

Immediately after you click on that icon you will be presented with a slider option when you can enable Development mode.

Activating development mode

In order to disable the Development mode simply put the slider in off mode.

Congratulations! You can now easily enable/disable the Development mode of the Cloudflare service!

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