How to Configure Cloudflare Performance Settings

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

In order to get the maximum performance from the Cloudflare service you are provided with a Specific page with settings that will help them achieve that.

You can access these options by clicking on the Speed icon located at the top of your Client Area.

The first setting is called Auto Minify (Web optimization) and provides minification of the static contents. Minification is a process of removing the whitespaces from your css, js, html files wherever this is possible without actually affecting the functionality of the code in these files. This makes the files computer readable while not human readable as they become complex code blocks. Here you can choose for which type of static contents this setting should be used.

Auto minify web speed optimizatio noption in CloudFlare

The next few options are not available for Free users and we will not cover them in detail, but they can greatly increase performance as they help with optimizing images, dynamic content and delivering data to mobile devices.

The last setting on the Speed page is called Rocket Loader™ (Web optimization) and by the time we are writing this tutorial that setting is still in Beta testing stage which mean that it is experimental at this point. The setting basically represents the Rocket Loader asynchronous loader which will automatically execute all the js code after the window.onload line of js code. This will dramatically increase the loading speed of your website along with your website's Google rank.

We hope this tutorial helps you in optimizing your website's speed and performance.

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