Cloudflare Tutorial

Cloudflare became publically available as service during the second half of 2010 at the prestigious TechCrunch Disrupt conference. The CEO Matthew Prince announced that Cloudflare will be available for everyone who want to have fast and secured website without any additional work on the code or the functionality of the website.


The core purpose of the service is to protect and accelerate every website that is using it. As long as the user adds a domain to the Cloudflare service the website under that domain immediately becomes part of a big and intelligent global network of websites. In this network all the contents of a website are distributed across the large amount of Data Centers Cloudflare uses. This is allowing no matter where the website is hosted for its loading speed to be on local level.

For example if a user website is hosted in Chicago USA and the users accessing that website are mainly from Europe Cloudflare will make the website load the same as it is hosted on European server.

Additionally when a website is under the Cloudflare global network it is immediately protected from large variety of malicious attacks and know vulnerabilities which can severely harm users' websites.

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