How to access Cloudflare control panel

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

The Cloudflare control panel is a useful Feature which will allow you to edit the DNS records contained in the DNS zone for your domain. Also you will be able to purchase new Features offered by Cloudflare and to browse many of the provided statistics for the traffic on your website.

Detailed information on the steps you need to perform after activation via the Cloudflare cPanel Feature you can find in the official Cloudflare blogpost on the matter. In the next few lines of this tutorial we will show you how to access your Cloudflare control panel located inside your Client Area with Cloudflare.

If you have created your Cloudflare Client Area via the Cloudflare cPanel Feature you most probably have received an email with the following (or similar) subject:

Welcome to Cloudflare, in partnership with FastComet Inc

In that email you will find detailed information and also URL you should use in order to set the new password for your Client Area with Cloudflare. If you click on the URL provided there you will be directed to the Reset Password page where you will be able to respectively set a new password for your Cloudflare Client Area.

Setting a new password in cloudflare

Here you will need to enter the New Password for your account and to respectively confirm it. At the end of this form you will need to simply press the Change My Password button so you can respectively change the password for your Cloudflare Client Area.

Once you have done that you will be able to login via the standard login form provided for easing the customer access.

Logging into CloudFlare profile

Upon a successful login you will be landed on the Sites section where you will be able to find all the websites you have configured in your Cloudflare service. Of course if you have no websites added you will be prompted to add such.

Congratulations! You are now fully aware of how to access your Client Area after you configure your domain name via the Cloudflare cPanel Feature.

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