Welcome to the Brick City – Our new Server Location in Newark, New Jersey, USA is Here!

We know your business never stops growing. And because of that, neither do we. In an effort to continually expand our service offerings and to maintain our commitment to providing geographically diverse infrastructure services, today we’re excited to announce the expansion of FastComet datacenters to Newark, New Jersey, USA.

Our decision to open a new datacenter location here was a no-brainer. According to a recent poll we have performed on our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages, this was the highest requested location. We would like to use this opportunity to thank all of those users who cast their voice. Thank you for your comments and shared feedback.

Cloud infrastructure services in the U.S. and Canada are on the rise and quickly gaining adoption with a projected growth rate of 18 percent this year, according to Gartner, Inc. By opening a new data center space on the East Coast near New York City, we are able to offer a more strategic footprint so customers can freely decide where to host their websites and apps.

Up until now, FastComet operated 7 geographically diverse datacenter locations, 2 being in the USA. We also have facilities in London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Tokyo. Newark will be FastComet’s 8th location and will feature a wide variety of offerings including dedicated servers, shared hosting, and Virtual cloud.

The new data center facility complements the already existing US locations in Chicago and Dallas. Because of its strategic location near New York City, and other major New Jersey locations, Newark serves as one of the major connection points for IP carriers. For businesses based on the East coast, this facility will provide unparalleled speed and performance while also ensuring an easy transition for companies to move into European markets.

Performance and Testing

Like all the new data centers, New Jersey is running the newest hardware tuned for the best performance and stability to our customers. The new state of the art infrastructure provides superior connectivity and industry-leading speed for all websites hosted on our platform. You can test that using a performance tool, such as the popular Sucuri checker.

Sucuri Performance Check For the FastComet Newark Datacenter Location

This location will feature excellent latency and connectivity to/from the Mid-Atlantic and East-Atlantic regions. Whether you want to serve the East Coast, Manhattan or broader US market we have a proven track record of offering reliable services. Ample power and redundant systems ensure your websites are always up and running. This new data center boasts a modern infrastructure and like all the new data centers, New Jersey is running the newest hardware tuned for the best performance and stability to our customers.

At FastComet, we are obsessed with speed. That is why we work only with the best facilities in the world and we choose the most powerful and innovative hardware to build our infrastructure on. If you are a new FastComet user you can easily select your preferred region during the order process. Existing customers can also take advantage of the new locations by requesting migration from our experienced 24/7 Technical Support team. As always, the migration of your account would be completely free of charge!

No need to wait any longer. Start now.


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