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Apache Crucial Vulnerability Patching

The Apache HTTP Server is among the top choices when it comes to web server software, powering almost 40% of the internet. When such a widely spread software has a problem in its base structure, It’s crucial to have it fixed as soon as possible. In the event where new vulnerabilities come to the surface, the next course of action is fixing them and, in a later point in time, disclose them to the public.…

Why WordPress will warn you about your PHP version and How to safely switch to the latest stable release

WordPress is primarily written on the scripting language PHP and it’s undoubtedly one of the parts that have the highest impact on all WordPress sites in existence. Major parts of not only the back but also the front end of your WordPress interface and page exist because of PHP. It also provides us with the ability to do so much when it comes to building a website, as we don’t just find it in page templates and plugins, but in addition to that, it makes up all files that form the dashboard of WordPress.…

Website Hacked? Now What? Don’t panic and follow these steps

Do you have a website? Has it ever been compromised? Statistics show that in the average lifespan of a site, at some point, it would inevitably be breached in one form or another. Naturally, this is not 100% guaranteed to happen, but we often neglect our security until it’s too late.

Why Using Legacy PHP Versions Makes Your Website Vulnerable

The most used scripting language is PHP. It’s rapidly evolving and after more than ten years without a significant upgrade to it, the scripting language introduced it’s 7.0 version. PHP 7 made a debut at the end of 2015. Recent years have witnessed an adoption of one very definite, while also consistent release process scheme. There has been a regular and predictable schedule new versions coming out every fall, earlier versions falling into maintenance, critical security issues, and the infamous End of Life (EOL) title.…