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Get the Scoop on Laravel 5.8

What a better way to start Thursday morning, having watched Laracon 2019 and all the great speakers attending the event delivered tremendously useful information for beginners and advanced users – we thought now would be the perfect time for us to share what Laravel 5.8 brings to the table, and oh boy it does look good.

Spring Break Sale on .COM Domains

For a short period only, take advantage of our savings on .com domains – just $9.99 instead of the regular $13.95/year price. The promotion is valid until the 15th of March, and you would be able to renew the domain name at the standard renewal rates, once expired.

WordPress 5.1 – It Gets Better and Better

We can now all jump in joy! WordPress 5.1 has now been released. Its name is “Betty,” honoring legendary jazz singer Betty Carter. It’s now available in everyone’s dashboard; however, does that mean you should upgrade right away? So to better decide for yourselves, we have decided to summarize every byte of information which is out there and answer the question – What WordPress 5.1 brings to the table.…

PHP 7.3 is Already Available at FastComet

Our constant dedication delivering at your fingertips the latest and most stable PHP versions and other features as soon as we can, after rigorously testing it throughout our hosting environment goes without saying. This way, we provide customers the opportunity to take advantage of all innovations and useful features that would make their site much more optimized and secure. Adding the newest version of the scripting language (7.3) to our servers is another step we do to provide a stable and well-functioning online environment for our customers.…

PHP 7.2 is Now the New Default on FastComet

Here at FastComet, the constant stability, security, and speed of your websites are at utmost importance for us, as they are for you. We thoroughly believe that keeping your software updated is a good idea for a lot of reasons. Every WordPress user should go ahead and upgrade to the most recent PHP release as quickly as possible. Versions 5.6 and 7.0 both have recently hit the End of Life (EOL) status.…