Enable maintenance mode in SocialEngine

Updated on Dec 10, 2015

One of the core features of SocialEngine is to enable maintenance mode on your website directly via the administrative area. This is a good feature as it will place a message on your website, informing your users that there is currently maintenance on the website and they should check later.


If you are making major changes on your website, but you do not wish your users to see them before you are ready, you can enable maintenance mode. The users on your website will not be able to see it unless they have the maintenance access code. Upon a request to your website, they will be displayed with a maintenance message.


SocialEngine default maintenance mode message


Note that you can also change the maintenance page on your website, by editing a certain file of your website. Simply access the location of your website on the server and then navigate to application/maintenance.html and edit the file as per your needs.


To enable/disable maintenance mode in SocialEngine:

Step 1 Enable maintenance mode

To enable the maintenance mode on your website, you need to log into the administrative area of your website. Then simply navigate to Settings tab on the main menu and then General Settings.


Access SocialEngine general settings


Edit the following options:


  • Maintenance Mode: Set this to Offline to enable the maintenance mode.
  • Maintenance Mode Code: Enter access code for your website, while in maintenance mode.


Enable maintenance mode in SocialEngine


Step 2 Disable maintenance mode

The process of disabling the maintenance mode is the same as when you enable it. The only difference is that once you access General Settings, you need to set the option for Maintenance Mode to Online.


Disable maintenance mode in SocialEngine

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