How to Backup your Pagekit website

Updated on Feb 2, 2017

As there is a possibility to lose data from your website when performing changes to its structure or code, it is important to know how to backup your data beforehand. In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a backup of your Pagekit based website.

To secure a working copy of your Pagekit website, you need to:


Backup the Pagekit Files

The first step of the process is to generate a backup of your Pagekit files. You will firstly need to locate where your pagekit has been installed. Usually this is the public_html/ directory of your account, but it can also be a different location if you are accessing your website via a subdomain or subfolder.

Download Files

There are two ways of downloading your files from the server - using an FTP client, following our FTP tutorial, or downloading directly through your cPanel → File Manager, following our cPanel tutorial.


Backup the Pagekit Database

To create a backup of the MySQL database used on your Pagekit website, you need to log into your cPanel account, and navigate to the Database → phpMyAdmin service.

Accessing the phpMyAdmin feature in cPanel

Click on the name of the database set for your website.

Accessing the Database corresponding to your Pagekit website

Click the Export button and then click Go.

Exporting the Pagekit Database to your local computer

The database will be saved locally on your computer. For a guide on the restoration process of your website please check out our How to Restore Pagekit tutorial.

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