How to Manage Blocks in Drupal 8

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

Managing blocks in Drupal 8 is a bit different from previous versions as the Blocks menu has been revamped and is now called Block layout.

The block managing process includes the following steps:


Add a new Block

To add a new block on your website, you will need to login to your admin account and navigate to the Manage → Structure section.

Navigating to the Structure menu in Drupal 8

Click on the Block layout menu.

Accessing the Block layout section in Drupal 8

Select the Custom block library tab and hit the +Add custom block button.

Opening the Custom block library of Drupal 8

We will name the new custom block - Example Block. You will also be able to put revision notes if you update this block in the future to mark exactly what changes you have applied.

Configuring a new Content Block in Drupal

To finish the creation of the block, please click the Save button at the bottom of the Page


Place and Publish Blocks

To place the newly created block on your website you will need to select a position for it.

Opening the block regions scheme in Drupal 8

To do this, you will need to return to the Block Layout tab and review the block regions for your theme (in this example we will show the above the fold regions in the default Bartik Theme)

Overview of the above the fold layout for Drupal 8 blocks

Let us choose the Sidebar second region for this block by clicking on the Place block button.

Placing a block in a sidebar block region

Now you will need to find the Example Block and again hit the Place block button to insert it in that region.

Selecting the Content Block for insertion

Configure the block's Title and Visibility restrictions and click on the Save block to finalize the process.

Configuring the Block's Title and Visability Settings

If you now go to the front-end of your Drupal 8 website, you will see the newly created block in the correct region.

Overview of the Newly Created and Positioned Content Block

This concludes our tutorial on block management in Drupal 8.

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