Spotlight: Michael Lopez, Owner of CrossFit Steel Barbells, Happy with His new Website

CrossFit has become very popular in America in recent years. With gyms opening all around the country, it’s challenging for fitness managers to attract new clients and build a community spirit.

We asked our client Michael Lopez, the Most Hated Trainer in LA, to share his experience about running a CrossFit box and how his website helps him present his business to CrossFit newcomers and gym members.

Michael Lopez Interview with FastComet

The Interview with Michael Lopez

FastComet: Michael, tell us more about you, the Most Hated Trainer, and SteelBarbells.

Michael: I first started out as the Most Hated Trainer in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. I started out like every other Personal Trainer/Coach, I trained at a private studio and as soon as I started to grow my business I felt like I needed my own gym to treat my clients the way I felt like they needed to be treated. I was at a facility where the owner treated my clients and all the other trainers and their clients with little to no respect. He wasn’t a very nice person and since this is a customer service industry I felt like I needed my own place that people would feel at home.

FastComet: How will you describe CrossFit to a newcomer?

Michael: I would describe CrossFit as doing Physical Education class when they were kids. We go back to the basics of lifting things, running faster, jumping, climbing, swinging, squatting, pushing, pulling, and having fun while doing it.

FastComet: How will you convince someone to start with CrossFit and come to your gym?

I usually tell people to try the gyms out, see which one works for you. CrossFit gyms have different personalities, see which one works best with you.

Michael: There are so many CrossFit facilities now that it can make your head spin. I usually tell people to try the gyms out, see which one works for you. CrossFit gyms have different personalities, see which one works best with you.

FastComet: How CrossFit Steel Barbells help your community and business?

Michael: We are constantly doing events that help and support the community. Right now, for example, we are throwing a huge Halloween Party for our members at a local bar. A portion of the money made at the bar will go to help train sheltered dogs to help to return soldiers suffering from PTSD. For the holidays we are going to collect clothes to donate to an organization to help battered women get back on their feet and into the workforce.

FastComet: Do you organize any special events? Do you promote them on your website?

Michael: LOL, very funny, we promote tons of fun events! too many to list. If you go to youtube and type in “steel Barbells”, you’ll see. lol

FastComet: Tell us more about the Most Hated Bootcamp, is this The event of the year?

Michael: MHBC is more for beginners who are scared about trying CrossFit. Its like CF but without barbells. People are scared of barbells.

FastComet: Do you find your website important to your business?

Michael: Very important. It is the new business card. You can tell a lot about a business from their website.

FastComet: What is the most important feature or service you need for your website?

Michael: An Events page and an easy way for a new customer to be able to sign up and get the right information.

FastComet: Are you happy with our service (speed, security, technical support, availability, price)?

Michael: LOVE IT! I am so happy I found you guys! My last 5 websites were an embarrassment. I am finally excited and happy with our new website.

FastComet: Is there anything else that you would like to tell our readers?

Michael: Do something you love to do and show people your passion on your website.

Thank you, Michael, for sharing your experience with fitness training, CrossFit, and running the Steel Barbells! We are also very excited to help business entrepreneurs like you manage their websites.

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