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Apache Crucial Vulnerability Patching

The Apache HTTP Server is among the top choices when it comes to web server software, powering almost 40% of the internet. When such a widely spread software has a problem in its base structure, It’s crucial to have it fixed as soon as possible. In the event where new vulnerabilities come to the surface, the next course of action is fixing them and, in a later point in time, disclose them to the public.…

Spring Break Sale on .COM Domains

For a short period only, take advantage of our savings on .com domains – just $9.99 instead of the regular $13.95/year price. The promotion is valid until the 15th of March, and you would be able to renew the domain name at the standard renewal rates, once expired.

Website Hacked? Now What? Don’t panic and follow these steps

Do you have a website? Has it ever been compromised? Statistics show that in the average lifespan of a site, at some point, it would inevitably be breached in one form or another. Naturally, this is not 100% guaranteed to happen, but we often neglect our security until it’s too late.