Konnichiwa, Tokyo! Our 7th Datacenter Location is now Available!

As of today, our second Datacenter location for the Asia-Pacific region is available for all shared hosting plans. This is also our 7th Datacenter Location and yet another step to bring the best possible hosting experience closer to you.

Konnichiwa, Tokyo!

We choose the locations of our data centers in large part based on where we can most improve network performance. Japan has been one of the problematic regions for network providers. In our case, in particular, traffic from Japan usually experience higher latency to our US and EU-based hosting infrastructure, leaving our clients with only a single option – Singapore. With our new Tokyo facility, ping times from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan as well as China are now averaging under 40 milliseconds.

Performance and Testing

Tokyo is our 7th destination, where you can host your website closer to your visitors. This includes Chicago (US), Dallas (US), London (UK), Frankfurt (DE), Amsterdam (NL) and Singapore (SG). You can test the performance from your location to Tokyo (JP) and see if it matches your requirements for speed. As always, you can also expect solid security, constant 24/7/365 monitoring and a modern data center that will allow you to build your website, instead of worrying about the hosting part.

FastComet 7th Data Center Destination - Tokyo, Japan

Our services in Tokyo provide the same hosting features, which includes our five layers of caching, custom WAF, Network Firewall and everything else to keep your website fast and secure.

All new clients can easily select the new data center during the order process for all our Shared Hosting plans. Existing clients can also enjoy the new location by requesting migration from our experienced 24/7 Technical Support team. The migration process is handled quickly, with care and we will make sure that you do not have to lift your finger to transfer your websites to Tokyo. As always, the migration of your account would be completely free!


Christopher has many years of experience leading teams in the fields of Technical support, Server Administration, and Product Development. He mainly works on the backend, helping to create the infrastructure that powers FastComet. He is responsible for flawless migrations and quick and efficient answers to client questions. He also monitors our network status and jumps in to solve time-sensitive issues like DDoS attacks and stops malicious attempts in their tracks. Christopher’s primarily responsible for making sure that our servers purr along, and has worked tirelessly to improve automation at FastComet.