Zeuscart Overview

Updated on Dec 10, 2015

Zeuscart has been released in 2013. Despite being a newly introduced e-commerce CMS, Zeuscart proves that it can do as much for online store builders as its more well known competators.


The Admin Dashboard is easy to navigate and is well categorised. You can add new Products and Product Categories with just a few clicks and you can access statistics about your products and visitors at any given time.


While there are currently no free templates for Zeuscart, the developer team offers 10 unique templates that cover almost every kind of product you would want to sell.


System requirements

Zeuscart does not have any heavy requirements and our hosting plans are suitable for best performance of your website. The minimum requirements are:


PHP with:


  • safe_mode must be disabled
  • file_uploads must be enabled
  • allow_url_fopen must be enabled
  • magic_quotes_sybase must be disabled.
  • sql.safe_mode must be disabled
  • PCRE extension must be enabled
  • ini_set function must not be disabled
  • memory_limit >= 32M or more
  • zlib library enabled.
  • GD image library must be installed and enabled
  • MySQL versions from 3.23 to 5.x.
  • Apache Apache 1.3.x. ; Apache 2.0.x. or Apache 2.2.x.



Zeuscart Hosting is fully compatible with Zeuscart and our plans meet all additional recommendations as well. Furthermore, our servers are running on SSD disks for the best Zeuscart experience.


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