How to install WP Rocket manually

Updated on Jun 28, 2023

This section of our WP Rocket tutorial will discuss the process of installing WP Rocket on your WordPress website. The process is easy as well. We will show you how to do it. There is an easier way of installing the plugin than this. For more details, you can review it in another section of our tutorial: the automated WP Rocket installation.

The Manually Install WP Rocket, you will have to:


Obtain a License

WP Rocket is a paid product, and you need a valid license for your domain. FastComet is an official WP Rocket partner, and we provide a 20% discount on all licenses for our existing customers. You can find the discount within your Client Area if you have an active account with us. Click Products from the bar on the left, and then View Addons. You can also contact us to get more information or if you have any suggestions.


Initiate the Manual Installation

Once you get a valid license for WP Rocket, you can download the plugin on your local computer. It will come in an archive. Within the archive will be a directory, which must go into your website's wp-content/plugins directory. To do that, you have two options:

  • Upload the archive to the directory and extract it there via the File Manager or;
  • Extract it on your computer, then upload the created folder directly using FTP. You can check out our tutorial for further guidance.

Activate the Plugin

The last step is to activate the WP Rocket plugin on your WordPress website. For that purpose, return to your website's dashboard and locate the Plugins menu. Click on the Installed Plugins option to proceed.

Scroll down your list of plugins until you locate WP Rocket. Just under the plugin will be an Activate button. Click on it to proceed. With that, the activation of WP Rocket is fully completed. You can use the plugin on your website without further delay.

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