How to use WP Rocket tools

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

This tutorial will review the avilable WP Rocket tools and how to use them. The tools are different from the configuration options that you have with the plugin. They will provide actions that you can actually use in order ot manage the caching of your website.

First and foremost, you will have to log into the administrative dashboard of your WordPress website. Click on the WP Rocket menu at the top of the page and then Settings.

Access WP Rocket settings

Select the Tools tab from the available options.

Access WP Rocket tools

Once you access the Tools section of WP Rocket, you will be presented with a list. First, you can choose if you wish to participate in the Beta testing of WP Rocket. This will provide access to earlier releases of the plugin and test it on your website. This option will allow the WP Rocket team to test and improve their product, however, we do not recommend it for large websites in production.

Enable beta testing for WP Rocket

The rest of the options include:

  • Clear Cache - You can clear the cache of your website directly here.
  • Preload Cache - The preload cache option will crawl your entire website and preload the cache.

Quick Access

There is a quicker way of clearing or preloading the cache. Simply access the admin dashboard and click on the WP Rocket menu at the top. You will see the Clear Cache and Preload Cache buttons for quick access.

Clear or preload cache in WP Rocket

You also have the option to export or import WP Rocket plugin settings.

Export or Import WP Rocket settings

A good option if you have found the best configuration for the plugin and you would like to distribute it to your other websites.

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