How to Manage Sheduled Jobs in SuiteCRM

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

In SuiteCRM you have the ability to set automatic tasks that will be executed by the system on specified interval. This is a good feature that ensures that the most important procedures are handled automatically to avoid human errors.


First, you need to access the administrative area of your SuiteCRM installation. In the System section, select the Scheduler option.


Access Scheduler in SuiteCRM


You will see a list of all available scheduled jobs on your website. Some of them are activated by default, some of them not. To create a new job, you need to click on the Create button at the top-right corner of the screen.


Create New Scheduled Job in SuiteCRM


Edit the following options:


  • Job Name - Enter the name of the new job
  • Job - Select the Job to be executed
  • Interval - Specify the interval, when the job should be executed by the system
  • Status - Enable or disable the new job
  • Job URL - Set a job URL (optional)


Edit Scheduled Job in SuiteCRM


You can also edit the existing jobs on your website simply by clicking on it’s name. This will take you to the Job configuration page, where you can change it per your needs. To remove a job, simply select it and then click on the Delete button just about the list.


Delete Scheduled Job in SuiteCRM

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