Extra Services Terms

The following Terms of Service (TOS or Agreement) apply to all extra services provided by FastComet (we, us, our) to you, the customer. By purchasing any extra services from us you agree to these terms of service. All services except Shared Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting are considered as additional extra services.

Payment and Refunds

An additional extra service is considered active only after the payment for the specific service is submitted. Service availability and service activation may not occur simultaneously for services which require human interaction, certain time to be completed or the activation of another service which is currently not active.

Extra services which are explicitly advertised as included in any particular hosting package are provided for free as long as the hosting package is active. Any additional extra service explicitly advertised on the Company website as "One Time" service will not be due for renewal and will be due only for a one-time payment upon purchase. Any other service which is not included for free with the hosting services provided by the Company and is not advertised as "One Time" will be set to "auto-renewal" recurring billing depending on its billing cycle advertised on the Company website or client area.

All extra service payments and renewals are non-refundable.

Free Regular Backup Service Policy

The Company will do everything possible to create regular backups free of charge for all customers' data at least twice a week.

The Company is responsible for storing at least one full backup copy of customer's account for all shared hosting services on a separate independent storage array. Customers on Cloud VPS or Dedicated Hosting servers are entitled for free daily or/and weekly backups performed on the same storage array of their service which can be performed as often as required by the Customer to the size available on their server.

The Customer understands and agrees that they are solely responsible for making backup copies of web site and content, associated with the account, such as email messages, SQL databases, etc. The Company has no liability or obligation to create additional backups, store or provide any backup copy to the Customer website and other content in addition to the backup included in our SLA.

The Customer understands and agrees that the Company cannot and will not be liable for any damage, loss of data, loss of use or other loss occurring because of lack of a copy of Customer's website and other content or having an outdated back up copy of Customer's website and other content.

Free Website Transfer Policy

The Company will make best effort to transfer The Customer's website to its servers, still, this is provided for The Customer's convenience only, as a value-added service and The Company cannot make any guarantees concerning the time, availability or possibility for the account to be transferred to its servers. Every hosting company is organized differently, thus there is a possibility that The Customer's former hosting company saves data in an incompatible format. In result, some or all of The Customer's data might be impossible to be transferred.

Each hosting service is entitled for one free website transfer. Upon request of additional website transfers the company will act in the best interest of the Customer but can refuse further website transfers in case the request is not financially, technically or physically feasible for the company. The Company reserves the right to apply additional fees for any additional website transfers not included in our SLA.