Do You Offer Free SSH Access with All Hosting Packages?

Updated on Feb 16, 2024

If you have a website hosted on a shared hosting platform, you probably want to keep it safe and secure. Nowadays, there's a good chance that your website will be attacked at some point.

SSH access, also known as Secure Shell protocol, is one tool you can use to help encrypt your data. This is a network encryption protocol that allows you to create a secure connection across otherwise unsecured networks.

Let's go over what you should know about SSH access and how it works with your shared hosting plan.

To answer the initial question: SSH access is available on all but one of our shared hosting plans. Only our FastCloud Starter does not have access to SSH. In order to connect via SSH you will have to use the 17177 port and enter the username and password for your cPanel account. Additionally, you need to add your IP address in your Client Area.

This post includes:

What Exactly is SSH Encryption?

Secure Shell Encryption is a protocol that allows you to securely access an insecure network. This protocol employs public key cryptography to ensure the security of data transmitted across this network. SSH can be used for a variety of other purposes, including limiting remote access to your server. Because you must have a private key to gain access, it prevents hackers from impersonating you during login.

How Secure Shell Access Works with a Shared Hosting Plan

You can use the secure shell protocol to upload or move files and execute commands over an unsecured network when you log into your shared hosting server. This will prevent unauthorized access.

Security is especially important on a shared plan because hundreds of websites are saved on a single server. There is frequently no barrier or security separating these accounts. If one of those sites is hacked or infected with malware, it may expose your site to a hacker as well. Secure shell access can add another layer of security. That is not the case with our Shared Hosting plans, though. They all come with CageFS enabled, and what it does is it encapuslates each separate cPanel account, effectively separating the files of each cPanel account in its own virtual bubble. This way no Malware can leak from one account to another.

How to Create an SSH Key

We have a helpful guide where you can follow the steps needed in order to learn how to Manage SSH Keys.

Common Use Cases for SSH Protocol

SSH connections have primarily been used to secure various types of communications between a local machine and a remote host, such as:

  • Secure remote access to resources
  • Remote execution of commands
  • Delivery of software patches and updates
  • Interactive and automated file transfers

SSH protocol is used for managing critical corporate infrastructures such as routers, server hardware, virtualization platforms, and operating systems, in addition to creating a secure channel between local and remote computers.

SSH keys are commonly used in scripts, backup systems, and configuration management tools to automate server access. SSH keys provide single sign-on (SSO) capabilities due to their design that allows connectivity across organizational boundaries, allowing users to move between accounts without having to type a password each time.

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