Does FastComet Offer Root Access on Cloud Hosting?

Updated on Nov 2, 2022

VPS Hosting is a popular web hosting solution for growing websites that need a secure, scalable, isolated, and affordable hosting solution. VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is the natural upgrade from a Shared Hosting solution, as people who have exhausted the resources of a Shared Hosting setup migrate to VPS Hosting.

To answer the question of whether we offer Root Access on Cloud Hosting - Yes, we do, but only upon request from you as a client. This is because root access is not for anyone, and you can easily do something that can have damaging effects on the server. 


If you demand root access, you should know that after you get it, wrong actions on your part could lead to a server reset, which will most likely make you lose all the data on your server. Only request root access if you are confident in your abilities to operate with said permissions.

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What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS Hosting) is a type of website hosting in which multiple websites share the resources of a single server. This also applies to shared hosting. The bare metal server is virtually separated into many isolated virtual servers using hypervisor-based server virtualization, which distinguishes VPS Hosting. Because of the isolation, each website on the server is allotted a certain number of resources. Other websites are not permitted to use a website's resources. As a result, it serves as your personal server, hence the term "Virtual Private Server."

If you sign up for a VPS package that includes 2 GB of RAM, 2 CPU cores, and 50 GB of storage, for example, those resources are yours even if you don't use them. Any website on your server cannot access those resources. This ensures that your website's performance is consistent and predictable.

What is Root Access in VPS Hosting?

Root access in Linux simply means administrator access. If you've ever tried to delete or relocate an application on your personal computer, you'll know that Windows prompts you for 'Administrator' access. The term 'root' refers to the equivalent of administrator access in Linux.

The goal of granting root access was to prevent inexperienced users or guests from modifying, moving, or deleting important files on a computer. Root access gives you complete control over your Linux machine. Having root access in a VPS Hosting environment means you'll be able to access your server without restriction.

System administrators who want complete control over the server must have root access. System administrators must frequently fine-tune setups, add third-party programs, change security settings, and so on to ensure the best website performance and security. These tasks are nearly impossible to complete without root access.

Root access is one of the most significant advantages of the VPS design. As previously stated, resources for a website are fixed in a VPS Hosting environment. The advantage of this architecture is that each website can be thought of as its own little server. And if you have your own server, having root access allows you to customize it exactly how you want it.

Advantages of root access in VPS


Business websites, as well as personal websites, typically sell products or services, implying that financial transactions take place on the websites. This necessitates increased security, and many third-party applications and software exist to provide enhanced security services.

You can install these applications with root access without consulting your web hosting provider. Not only that, but you can completely customize your website's security settings. Installing additional firewalls, configuring server settings, and even modifying system files may be necessary to achieve the ideal balance of high performance and robust security.

Ensure that Only System Admins Can Modify and Alter Critical Files

It's critical to understand that the best people to work on servers are experts who know exactly what they're doing. The ability to create access hierarchies and ensure that everyone has access to only what they need and use is perhaps the most important advantage of having root access.

With root access, you can create users and assign them the exact access level you want them to have. Not only will your server's overall threat exposure be reduced, but you'll also be able to eliminate problems caused by unintentional modifications.

Complete Control Over the Server

As your website grows, you'll require more add-ons, server-wide apps, specialized software, and other tools. If you do not have root access, you must always clear these installations with your web hosting provider. This is not only an additional step in your process, but it is also time-consuming, not to mention that your web hosting provider may not offer certain programs at all.

If you have root access, you have complete control over your server. This eliminates the need to contact your web hosting provider every time you want to install a third-party program. You can also update any file and modify existing server apps to meet your needs. This folder contains registry files for the operating system and the system.

Root Access Saves Time

You have limited control over the functionality of your website if you do not have root access. The majority of the changes you want to make will require approval from your web hosting company, which means you'll have to wait a long time.

With root access, you have complete freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. This saves you and your system administrators a lot of time because you can implement performance and security upgrades as needed instead of waiting for your provider to go through your request and decide whether or not it can be cleared.


The only disadvantage of having root access is that you have complete control. If you don't know what you're doing, you risk deleting or changing important files and losing the ability to return to previous settings or configurations.

However, if you are an expert in the field or have an in-house IT team with the necessary expertise, root access is required. It allows you to design your website exactly how you want it. It also allows you to make changes that will improve performance and security.

With our VPS Hosting plans, you will have complete root access to your VPS Hosting Server and will be able to enjoy a stable, secure, and scalable VPS Hosting setup. Submit a support ticket to your technical support team to request root access.

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