Spotlight: David Isaac Photography and a Beautiful Way to Present Your Product

The true beauty of things can only be sensed by a few people. It is a talent that most of us do not have, but when we see through the eyes of an artist, there is nothing for us to do but admire his work.

This week, we will introduce you to another client of ours – David Isaac. We are proud to have him on board, as David provides a truly beautiful way for a company to present its products to the world. Without further ado, here is what David Isaac had to say about his project and the use of FastComet services for it.

David Isaac Photography Site - Interview with FastComet

The Interview With David Isaac

FastComet: Tell us more about you and your line of work?

David Isaac: I am a commercial photographer who works mostly in architecture, interiors, food, hotels, and resorts. I was born in Southern California and was working in Europe before relocating back to the U.S.

FastComet: Where are you currently located and how can our readers get more information about your work?

David Isaac: Currently, I am in a nice little beach town called Encinitas in the North of San Diego. Readers can get more information about my work at DavidIsaacPhotography.Com.

FastComet: What was the first major project you were working on as a photographer?

David Isaac: I suppose the first project where I felt like I had “made” it as a commercial photographer was for a line of artisanal baked products from Mallorca to be used in El Corte Inglés department stores (which is the biggest department store in Europe and the 4th largest in the world). They are still some of my favorite food photos.

FastComet: When did you decided that you need a website to promote your work? What was the benefit of having a place online, where you can show your work to the world?

David Isaac: From the beginning. Physical portfolios still serve a great purpose in photography, but being able to show your portfolio instantly anywhere in the world is important. Clients are busy and often have to choose quickly between several photographers, so a nice website is essential.

FastComet: What kind of audience are you targeting with

David Isaac: We are mainly targeting individuals and agencies that are responsible for marketing companies, goods, or products. This includes people such as directors of hotels and resorts, developers, designers, ad agencies, etc. Of course, it is also for people that are fans of photography as well.

FastComet: How did you decide to use WordPress for the development of your website? Does WordPress provide all the features you are looking for?

The truth is that in the beginning I didn’t have a $2,000-$5,000 budget for web development, so I started looking into ways to build a site myself.

David Isaac: The truth is that in the beginning I didn’t have a $2,000-$5,000 budget for web development, so I started looking into ways to build a site myself. At first, I used iWeb, but the results looked like my site was from 1995 and it functioned about the same.

WordPress provided all of the features and aesthetics that I was looking for in an easy to implement, update, and maintain package. I think with the abundance of plugins, WordPress definitely has the capacity to provide anything I am likely to need.

FastComet: Did you know about our partnership with the Clef two-factor authentication plugin? Are you using any security plugins on your website?

David Isaac: I did not know about the Clef two-factor authentication plugin, I will have to check it out. I am using the plugins Rename wp-login.php, Wordfence, and SucuriScanner.

FastComet: Are there any additional applications that you were using prior to releasing your WordPress website?

David Isaac: iWeb by Apple, but that was a long time ago. It did not allow me to bring the modern look that I was looking for my website.

FastComet: Why did you choose FastComet as a hosting provider for your website?

David Isaac: I was looking for the right mix of company size, speed, location, and features. FastComet provided exactly what I was looking for with speed, based on the West coast, great pricing, and more.

FastComet: Are you happy with the service performance and uptime?

David Isaac: Yes, I am really happy with the service FastComet provides for my project.

FastComet: Are you happy with the FastComet Technical Support team? Tell us a story, where they were able to assist you with your project.

David Isaac: Definitely. I wasn’t tech savvy enough to get the CDN working correctly with my site and a few other things to improve the performance of my page. George and Daniel in tech support not only helped me out but basically took the reins and “got it done.” This is by far the best tech support I have had over the years of different hosting companies.

FastComet: Is there a feature in particular that you enjoy the most?

David Isaac: The customer service. Their response time is less than 10 minutes and with a polite and friendly manner. I am glad that I chose FastComet for my project.

A big thank you to David Isaac and the time he took to share his story with our community. His project is inspiring and we are glad to have him on board.

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