SiteWit Available on all Plans with FastComet

The management of a website is getting easier with the years. There are multiple platforms, applications, and guides on how to build your website easily. Developers around the world are working hard to make the user experience better than before. However, what happens when you build your website? What is the next logical step to reach more and more users? How can you promote your website for a specific country, or worldwide?

These are some of the questions users ask us and we have decided it is time to provide answers. There are multiple marketing techniques and online services you can use to promote your work. Some of them are expensive and require extensive knowledge to work with. Here comes our new partnership with SiteWit to provide an all-in-one solution for your needs!

The SiteWit marketing tools are now available on all FastComet plans and servers. It is easy to access and manage via your cPanel account.

SiteWit Marketing Tools Now Available on all FastComet Plans

Simply choose the service that you wish to use and you can easily proceed to its configuration. You can promote your website through Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and much more with a single control panel for easy management. You can start/stop campaigns, edit them, see reports of how profitable the campaign is and much more. Why wasting time and money to manage it all on your own, when you can have all the power of different marketing techniques in one place?

Start Using SiteWit Today

Here, at FastComet, we like to believe that we are more than a hosting provider. We try to help our customers with whatever we can so they can reach their goals. Using SiteWit is the next logical step, once your website is ready and you would like to go public. What is more important, you will have all of the tools you need in one place and at lower costs.

Check out SiteWit and the marketing services they offer via your cPanel account or contact us if you need more information about it!


Dimitar is Director of Technical Support at FastComet. He has dedicated more than ten years toward bridging gaps between customer satisfaction and technical support. As the leader of our support organization, he’s responsible for educating, empowering and recognizing our support team and focusing on the science and art of quality, productivity, and technical prowess. He likes to be challenged with the tasks and do the research to approach the goal desired.