Infographic: Why You Should Have a Live Chat on Your Website

UPDATE: Since Zopim’s acquisition in 2015, Zopim has been an essential part of the Zendesk multiproduct suite. Zopim is now called Zendesk Chat. We no longer have a partner relationship with Zopim and the stated special terms do not apply anymore.

Everyone selling products or services online knows how important customer service is for improving customer satisfaction. Helping potential customers to find answers quicker and in a more convenient way can be one of the most important steps to improve your website conversion rate and sales. This requires business owners to be much more approachable and available to website visitors.

The Benefits of Having a Live Chat

Without any doubt, one of the most accessible channels to provide customer service is the live chat option. Proactive chat can help you even further to achieve your business goals. Provide this type of customer service can greatly reducing abandonment, improve conversions, and driving customer satisfaction.

Here is a nice infographic on why you should have a live chat on your website made by Zopim:

Infographic About the Benefits of Having a Live Chat

Image originally posted on Zopim Live Chat Blog

FastComet and Zopim

Implementing proactive chat can be a complex process but it is definable worthy. That’s why FastComet partnered with Zopim as an official reseller and provide free Zopim integration. Start an E-Commerce website and get free Zopim integration for your website by our technical support team or consider our most popular E-Commerce hosting plans powered by leading open source applications:

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