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Category: Optimization

When to upgrade your hosting plan?

When you’re first launching a website project, the sheer span of hosting options can seem overwhelming. In the beginning, if you are just starting out your adventure of having your own website, it’s often safe to figure you can rely on one of the more basic plans and then upgrade when the time comes. It’s fair to say most first-time website owners opt for a shared hosting plan. It has the all the features to get your website off the ground; it is low-cost and beginner-friendly at the same time.…

How to maintain a healthy Inode Count

The Birth of a new Shared Hosting Server is an interesting process. To create the home of hundreds of new websites requires the proper distribution of finite resources. Unlike bandwidth which is generated at a later stage by those same websites, the initial setup is a procedure which must be precise to the byte.

How “We’ve got your back(up)” just got even better?

There’s nothing worse than that awful feeling you get when you realize you’ve accidentally deleted that all important business email, or wiped out a web project that you’ve been working so hard on over the past couple of weeks. It is, therefore, crucial to have handy backups of your hosting account so that unpleasant feeling doesn’t last for long.

What’s not always so cut and dry, is the process of backing up your website.…

Dedicated IP Addresses: Do You Need One Or Not?

“I need a dedicated IP address for better SEO, can you provide me with one?” This is a pre-sales question that comes up quite often here at FastComet.

FastComet does not offer dedicated IP addresses on any shared hosting plan offering. This may be surprising or even cause for concern to some, but not to worry. The question of whether or not you need or should use a dedicated IP address or a shared IP address for web hosting can be quite controversial.…

How to Make The Most of Your Web Hosting Bandwidth

Ask a marketer or business owner what they’d like most in the world, and they’ll probably tell you right away “more customers.” What often comes after customers on an online business’ wish list? More traffic to their site, of course. And here comes the greatest irony —  websites of all sizes struggle with traffic problems. Small sites face traffic issues — few people visit them. Web pages continue to grow in their complexity, however, making websites heavier and therefore slower to load.…