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Category: Optimization

New default PHP for Shared Hosting Plans and why you need to upgrade to PHP 7

Performance and security are two of the most important aspects of the website development process. Of course, there are other vital things to consider, such as the niche you are in, the content you present to your visitors, the design of your project and many more. However, the risk of dooming your project at the early stages of its development is really high if your website is slow or not properly protected.…

Beta: Observer Monitoring system is now live

We are excited to officially announce a new and very important project for us – The Observer Monitoring system is now live in beta and fully accessible via the Client Area for all shared hosting packages. The new system provides a 360-degree information on all core hosting account resources to help our clients get the most of their hosting plan.

Performance optimization in a HTTP/2 FastComet world

The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is probably the most used network protocol in the World Wide Web. Over the years we witnessed the milestones it reached, its up and downsides and of course how it evolved. The latest update of that protocol brought the HTTP/2 version to the field and it is full of innovations, new and improved features and even better security level. But how did it reached that milestone – That question we will answer in following lines of this blog post!…

Announcement: Google ModPagespeed controls integrated in cPanel

Without any doubts the biggest loading speed killer is the static contents loaded on any website. Providing not optimized images, huge as size and many as count CSS/JS files could eventually harm the loading speed of your websites and respectively the web experience of your visitors. In many occasions, Google will also penalize the rank of your website due to the page size and the loading time it will take.