Interview: Anca Teodorescu, Account Manager at SpamExperts

Spam and especially email spam has been a byproduct of the internet since its creation. However, nowadays many users find themselves “buried” in spam when they open their emails every morning. Spammers are even worse when it comes to using other people’s infrastructure effectively damaging their domain name and IP reputation which is particularly bad in case we are talking about a Shared Hosting environment. This is where SpamExperts came to the rescue and has been saving business owners and regular users around the world time and money with their anti-spam solutions. We saw their service making a great difference on a global scale and today we have with us Anca Teodorescu to tell us more about herself, the company and work she encounters on a daily basis.

The Interview with Anca Teodorescu

FastComet: Hello Anca, could you tell us more about yourself and your job at SpamExperts?
Anca Teodorescu: Hi everybody, my name is Anca. I spent most of my life in a small city from Romania and for 4 years I’m living in Bucharest where I also got my first job at SpamExperts. I started working here as a Sales Operations and just after a few months, I decided that I want to get more involved in the sales team so I switched to the Account Manager position.

FastComet: When did you start working for the company and what were your first impressions?
Anca Teodorescu: I’ll celebrate 2 years with SpamExperts in March 2017 (yaay). Being my first job, I was impressed from the beginning and I’m actually very lucky to have such a nice start in my career. When I first got here, I was a bit overwhelmed by the technical side of my job but I was surprised to see how fast and how much I enjoyed learning everything. It was and still is a great journey and I got the chance to meet wonderful people and grow here as part of the big blue family.

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FastComet: What was the main reason behind the creation of SpamExperts?
Anca Teodorescu: SpamExperts was born in 2005, following a business plan competition organized by the Maastricht University in the Netherlands, and won by Sam Renkema and Dreas van Donselaar, the company founders. They began to work on the implementation of their business idea and started SpamExperts. In the 11 years since SpamExperts has grown into a leading international email security provider. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the company has a second main office in Bucharest, Romania, and a few worldwide representations.

FastComet: How was the team at SpamExperts able to create such a complex network of (business) connections across the industry?
Anca Teodorescu: In nearly every year of the last 11, SpamExperts has re-invented itself or has naturally evolved into a completely new organization. Every stage along the way has brought challenges, ranging from strategy determination, niche-market selection, growing a team and company culture. Through continuous development and improvements to our services, the company has constantly grown its size and client base internationally. Also, SpamExperts worked with industry partners to create standard integrations with all major hosting control panels (cPanel, Plesk), but also with mail platforms such as OpenXchange, Zimbra, and many others.

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FastComet: To what do you own the growth of the company and customers served?

SpamExperts is a highly technical and technology focused company, making continuous investments and concentrating on R&D to stay competitive in the industry.

Anca Teodorescu: SpamExperts is a highly technical and technology-focused company, making continuous investments and concentrating on R&D to stay competitive in the industry. It is a focused and dedicated email security company with no other products than email-related services. Its team develops email security solutions deployed in the cloud or on-premises with services for incoming (spam and virus) filtering, outgoing filtering, and email archiving. SpamExperts Incoming and Outgoing Filters are leading email filtering systems currently available on the market. Email Archiving is an add-on allowing message archives to be accessed at any time through fast indexed search options.

FastComet: How is SpamExperts staying on top of the Spam “game”?
Anca Teodorescu: SpamExperts is one of the larger email processors in the world and maintains internal datasets which are complemented by data exchanges with other significant data players in the industry. All technology that SpamExperts develops is proprietary and often patented technology that is under full control of the SpamExperts team. The combination of the above is the reason for the ongoing success of the business.

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FastComet: Could you share some details regarding the technologies implemented in your Spam Solutions?
Anca Teodorescu: All SpamExperts clients are at all times in real-time sync with the SpamExperts central databases for receiving the latest spam/threat intelligence. Besides this, SpamExperts rolls out a new version of the software on a weekly basis to all SpamExperts clients with new functionality entering the products. As a specialized email security company, SpamExperts constantly tries to stay ahead of customer demands and actively processes incoming client feedback.

FastComet: Does SpamExpert still use traditional methods for attracting new customers or just utilize the big momentum and current awareness of the brand to reach out further into the industry?
Anca Teodorescu: The company serves three main target markets, namely Web hosts, ISPs/Telcos and IT Resellers all over the world. As a method to grow its customer reach, SpamExperts aimed to commoditize email security and make it affordable. Thus, the company came up with a highly competitive and revolutionary model to encourage resellers, MSPs, VARs, and other channel partners to sell as they wish and guarantee the highest possible margins in the industry.

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FastComet: What are the company’s plans for 2017?
Anca Teodorescu: The Reseller Channel is one of the most active for SpamExperts at the moment and it represents one of the main directions for growth in 2017.

FastComet: How many hours a day you devote to your work and what do you like to do in your spare time.
Anca Teodorescu: Between 9 and 10 hours, sometimes more than that depending on the workload. I enjoy spending my free time with my family and the special people in my life. My parents are living in my hometown city so almost every weekend I’m visiting them and have lunch together.

I recently discovered a new passion…cooking. I often find myself searching for cooking blogs and recipes over the internet just so I can try them at home. Other than that, I always enjoy a good movie on a Sunday afternoon.

Wrapping Up the Interview

FastComet: It was a pleasure having you under the spotlight Anca, do you have any final words for our viewers?
Anca Teodorescu:  Thank you a lot for having me and for choosing us as one of your partners. And for anyone looking for an email security solution, SpamExperts would love to work with you and provide you with the best quality services.


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