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FastComet Blog

Why we love Node.js (and you should too!)

Do you love the Node.js JavaScript platform for building scalable browser and server applications? As an application programmer, it is difficult not to love JavaScript, right? Node continues to remain a leader in asynchronous framework market, as the platform now supports a huge portion of startups and businesses that are earning hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, establishing itself as a platform that can sustain the huge load, whilst retaining smooth performance.…

We are GDPR Ready

Privacy is on everyone’s mind and in everyone’s inbox thanks to GDPR going into effect this month. Over the last few weeks, you’ve no doubt been getting a myriad of spam from anyone who’s ever collected your personal information trumpeting their new privacy policies.…

Coming soon: Major Update of our Legacy Shared Hosting plans

Being a customer-focused and user experience-oriented company means that we are constantly working on improving our hosting solutions to keep them at the forefront of performance. In early 2017 FastComet impressed the web hosting industry by introducing the SpeedUp RocketBooster hosting plan at a fraction of the cost of dedicated server, delivering a high-performance product at an unbeatable price.

Since then we have introduced updated plans structure, moving from “hosting provider” to “strategic partner” business model.…

Upcoming Security Overhaul: Better access control and validation for your account

As promised in our Two-Factor Authentication announcement, we will continue to give you regular updates on all upcoming features and changes we are working on to make your account and data even safer.

This week, I will outline some of the major changes set for May 7, 2018. In short, we aim to further improve your account safety and prevent unauthorized access to your personal information and hosting account files.…