Title and Description Tags

How Title and Description Tags affect SEO

Title tag should contain your target keyword – The title tag is quite important to the SEO and should contain your exact target keyword.


Title tag should begin with the exact target keyword – this is a nice addition to the previous point. However, a target keyword placed anywhere in the title tag will also do its job right.


Title tag has 55 characters or less – Google only shows the first 55 characters of your title tag, so using longer title tags won’t give you any benefits whatsoever.


Description tag has 155 characters or less – the same principle from the title tag also applies here this time though, the amount of characters is upped to 155.


Description tag includes exact keyword – As you know, when you search something on Google, when a match has been found the keyword will become bolded in the description. Use this information to increase your Click through rate and improve the SEO of the page.