SEO Audit Tutorial

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a very popular topic in the field of website creation and viewership attraction. The first page of results in Google gets 91% of the traffic with the number one spot netting around 33% - numbers motivating enough to make you think about SEO next time you make a page public.

To optimize your website for organic (unpaid) searches can be a difficult task, especially if you are not sure from where to start or which methods are still working and which have been drastically changed since their initial implementation. Those are some of the reasons why we decided to provide a tool specifically for the needs of optimizing the way search engines understand your website.

While in general it is recommended to have every option of the SEO Audit check marked in green in some cases having a point of the audit marked with red does not mean you are losing out on your SEO. Some websites have more specific structure that does not allow for all SEO points to be covered and that should not worry you. In this tutorial, we have covered all of the information provided by the SEO Audit and how to improve on it.

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