Copy Analysis

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

You should have 2000+ words on this page - having more than 2000 words will increase your page ranking. This has been the conclusion of many SEO specialists that have tested pages with different length.

Only use exact keyword 2-4 times - Overusing a keyword will not provide additional benefits as keyword density is not taken into account when a page has been crawled.

Exact keyword is bolded, italicized or underlined - Making a keyword more noticeable in the sea of words on your page will increase the SEO of that page. You can use bolding or underlining to achieve the desired result.

Exact keyword found in the first 100 words - Putting the target keyword in the beginning of your page shows search engines that your content is relevant to the keyword.

Exact keyword found in anchor text - Using anchors and backlinks can greatly improve your page ranking but adding your keyword to those is also important.

Link this page to a sitemap - Sitemaps are like a catalog of your website that make looking for specific pages much easier for crawlers and even users. Having a sitemap grows your domain's authority.

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