Node.js For Beginners Overview

Updated on Oct 5, 2023

Let’s get started with Node.js! This part is for beginners. We will show you how to create a simple application after you have installed Node.js on your machine. It will not be anything fancy, but it should give you a solid foundation to build up from. We are using AlmaLinux for our purposes, but these steps should work on any Linux system. Let’s recap what we have installed and what you need to write your first application!

  • Node.js - Can’t write a Node.js application without the software itself, so make sure it is correctly installed. Also, check if NPM is included in the package you used;
  • PM2 - While not mandatory, we strongly recommend installing it as well because it will make running your applications incredibly easy. Often, it also manages to launch an application when the usual methods fail to do so;
  • NVM - Another piece of software that is not essential but highly recommended. If you need to change the Node version your server is using, this is the easiest way.

With that out of the way, let’s begin!

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