Node.js Tutorial

Node.js is an Open-source JavaScript-based platform introduced in 2009, by Ryan Dahl, for Linux and MacOS. At a high level, Node.js combines the Google V8 JavaScript engine, a single-threaded non-blocking event loop, and a low-level I/O API. This makes it perfect for server-side scripting unifying it with client-side scripting under the same language. Its package ecosystem – NPM was written by Isaac Schlueter and launched in 2010.

nodejs project preview

However, as the libraries accessible by NPM are constantly increasing thanks to the awesome Node.js community, you can find resources for almost any task imaginable, which makes writing your own project that much more easy and intuitive. On top of that, the Node.js Selector on our shared servers will help you in selecting the appropriate version for your project as well provide one-button start, stop and restart functions.

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