What is the Difference Between Parked and Addon Domains

Updated on Oct 10, 2019

On our Cloud SSD solutions, you can add an unlimited amount of parked domains and for the FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra packages you can add an unlimited amount of addon domains and parked domains.

Parked domains are additional domains that point to the same website as your account's primary domain name. This feature is useful if you would like to have several domains with different extensions pointed to your website, for example - mydomain.com, mydomain.net, mydomain.info. Additionally, you can use the parked domains feature if you have recently changed your primary domain name but you do not want to lose your old domain name traffic. By parking your previous domain name you will have your website accessible via both your new and old domain name. Also, we have a tutorial on how to create parked domain via the cPanel which can be checked here.

Addon domain is another feature of cPanel that allows you to have multiple domains configured on a single hosting package but with different root directories. This means that you can have stand-alone websites with different domains managed by a single cPanel account. This is a great feature to host several small websites under a single hosting account. We have a tutorial on how to create addon domains via cPanel which can be checked here.

Our technical support will be glad to assist you in the creating of parked or addon domain. You can contact them via the client area by submitting a ticket via your Client Area.

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