Employee Spotlight Series Nevelina

Employee Spotlight: Nevelina—The Money Maestro

For some of us, the arrival of autumn means cooler, shorter days, but for some, it also brings with it the annual explosion of color from fall foliage. Even for many of us, that shimmer will be seen on-screen in 2020, we want to help lighten up the mood, and get to share with you that cozy autumn feeling that we all tend to love and enjoy it together. This is why today we’ve decided that we are going to introduce you to one colorful representative of our Billing specialists. Her name is Nevelina P.

Nevelina began her journey with FastComet just last October as one of our Billing and Accounting specialists but she quickly became an undeniable superstar in her line of work. Now she is offering assistance and ensures that her team-mates are always on point. Nevelina does that by supervising their workflow and offering her assistance. She also makes sure to help you — our users — with everything, and that you are as satisfied with our services as possible. Surely, her positive attitude and multitasking skills are helping her go through daily tasks with ease. So let us begin by asking you maybe the most important questions of them all:

Do you recall your first day at FastComet?

Yes, I do and it was a great experience from the start! You know that usually, the first day at work might be stressful, but to me, it was nothing like that. The cozy office and friendly faces made me feel like I had already been with the team for a long time. Always when you get started in a new workplace, especially in one that skill defines how others perceive you – it will always take time before others start to accept you, as a true team member. To my surprise, this wasn’t the case. For me, this was quite a surreal experience that I will never forget. 

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

I am a problem-solver and always try to find the most suitable way of dealing with any kind of issue no matter its scale. It feels great when you leave the office at the end of the day and you know that you have helped someone on the other side of the world. The thought that you are able to connect with so many people from different countries makes the job even more exciting.

Speaking of motivation – what helps you most in your work and how’s your past experience useful in this new career of yours?

That would be the calculator app, I guess? No, really, I meant what I said. Joking aside this is a tough one. Having worked in the IT sector for nearly half a decade already has its own set of challenges. Keeping up to date with all the new trends can be quite taxing. When I come to think about it, my motivation to help others is what helps me do my work well. And most likely the fact that I am learning something new each and every day. It feels truly fulfilling to solve customers’ problems and make their day better. Of course, having the comfortability of being in familiar waters allows me to excel in my new daily work routine. Being able to understand our users’ needs, helps me offer them the best possible solution as well as sort things out in just a few minutes.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working? One of the craziest things you did so far?

I love traveling and exploring new and different places. A favorite place to visit is the seaside and my dream is to live near the sea someday. Another thing I am fond of is cooking. Testing new recipes is something I enjoy doing when I have some spare time and sharing the food with my loved ones makes it even more special.

Nevelina and the Mountain

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, I was not able to do a lot of the things I have wished to, hence, nothing crazy recently. However, working from home has been something I have never imagined I would do. I’ve always thought that a home is a place where you should rest and spend time with your family. Regardless of that, the convenience of the home office has been great. You can stay in your PJs with a cup of coffee and blasting your favorite songs all day long.

Nevelina Home Office

If you can share the one thing you believe that people would be surprised to learn about you?

This one would be easy, I am a gym enthusiast. It might not be typical for someone working in the IT industry, but I love going to the gym and it is something that has taken a big part of my life in the last couple of years. I believe that doing sports brings a lot of benefits – helps you focus and takes on the daily stress which affects your life positively. It is really refreshing to get in the zone and go do some deadlifts after work.

Nevelina Training

What advice  can you give to our users that are just starting out? 

Be patient. As someone once said: “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” It takes time to build a successful business that will bring you the desired profit. Another quite important thing would be to get to know the company you will be working with and what you can expect from. Also, make sure you have found the right solution for your project. These are just a few of the reasons why we are having such a relaxed money back policy. We believe that our team will provide the best hosting experience for your online project. No matter if it is a personal blog or a big eCommerce website – we’ve got you covered.

Final Words

We are certain that Nevelina can stand as an example that defies the common image that many of us have when they hear the word billing or God forbid – accounting. Happy work anniversary, Nevelina, and many many more to follow. We wish you and your team good luck in the future at FastComet for the years to follow. Hope you enjoyed getting to know Nevelina, and following her advice, if you are still reading this why don’t you come over and say hi? We would love to discuss your website, and help you get started.

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Senior Customer Success Supervisor

As part of the Customer Success Team, Ivo takes pride in being among the front-liners for FastComet, not only in helping resolve customer issues but also in helping improve on the service itself. Through the FastComet Blog, he is trying to cover the whole range of information about what you are concerned with and want to know about your site and our services.