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Better Security for your account with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is one of the long-overdue features on which we have been working for the past few weeks. As we promised it to the many clients who requested it, we are glad to announce this feature is now live in production. But before we focus on how to activate it for your account, let’s first explain why this is important for your security and how it works, for those of our clients that are not yet familiar with this security feature.…

Our Action Plan for Spectre, Variant 2

Earlier this year, the tech world was buzzing about two processor vulnerabilities, Meltdown and Spectre. The vulnerabilities affect processors from multiple vendors, can allow normal users and programs running in user space access to kernel memory. This allows unprivileged users to read arbitrary data in main memory. This includes passwords, private keys, certificates and all other sensitive information.

The last Virtual Private Server Rocket Ride: New Horizons reached!

Here at FastComet, we have a constant craving to provide our existing and future customers with the thing they need the most – reliable, affordable, secure and features rich Web Hosting Service. With that in mind, our Infrastructure Engineers were sent to a mission to the edge of the known Virtualization Technology universe and beyond. Their mission – to improve our VPS services by researching a brand new Virtualization Platform which will be light years better than the one we were already using.…

Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL Certificates are Here!

At FastComet, we’re committed to protecting our customers’ online business, while delivering secure and blazingly fast sites. That’s why we are happy to announce that FastComet has made yet another step forward to that.

First announced back in July 2017, the project dear to our heart, Let’s Encrypt has now made Wildcard certificate support live in the next step to encrypt the Web. Last week, the certificate authority, which offers free SSL and TLS certificates to webmasters, announced that their new ACME2 (Automated Certificate Management Environment) protocol is now live and with it comes the ability for users to get free wildcard certificates.…