Windu Creator

How to create blog, portal, forum or simple website with Windu Creator

Windu Creator is a wizzard for building different types of website using the Windu content managment system. The Windu Creator is accessible via the Installation Wizard of Windo when you complete your initial setup or directly via the following URL: -- remember to replace your and 'windu' with your domain name and windu folder.


windu website creator

The following types of websites are available:


Normal website: Normal website containing basic elements such as a menu, log in and a slider.

Blog: Blog website, used for adding posts on the main page, which contains comments and the log in.

Portal: Advanced website with logging in, slider and news on the main page.

Forum: Website taking on the role of a forum. Consists of a log in panel and is perfectly structured for its purpose.


In this tutorial we will guide you through the steps of building different types of websites using the Windu Creator.



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